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Philippa N ( 48 ) Nottingham

I have been attending circuit training with Witek for many months and enjoying every minute of it. He provides a calm and serine atmosphere to train in and although the class is gruelling, the work out is both beneficial and enjoyable. Witek`s classes are informal but professional and he has a wealth of knowledge of the correct procedure and posture to attain the body beautiful. He is not your normal intimidating bully boy trainer but a proactive, encouraging and polite person and he processes empathy but with the correct amount of force.

The equipment is very easy to use and can be replicated at home if you could be motivated to top up the session, although there is a power plate which, for those of infirm ability can exercise without too much stress.

All in all the Snail and Rabbit training studio is an experience well worth a try.


Katy B. ( 34 ) Nottingham

If you like trying something a little bit different, then I highly recommend the Snail and Rabbit studio. Being a serial 'gym-avoider', I had never used a powerplate before and usually get bored quickly with one type of exercise. I have really enjoyed the workouts and can't believe how much variety you can get, mainly from one machine! I wanted to get stronger and tone all the typical female areas. After eight weeks I am impressed with the speed of the results that I am getting and have a lot more energy. The monthly Inbody 230 results confirm exactly where you are making progress. Witek has a fantastic personality and makes the sessions great fun. He is very encouraging, really tailors the sessions to your goals, but doesn't let you slack off - which I would on my own! This really works!


Nathalie B. ( 43 ) Nottingham.

I have been amazed at how quickly my broken leg has healed, strengthened and regained its flexibility using the power plate. The 30 minute sessions are perfect to fit into a busy schedule. Witek is so friendly, reliable and accommodating that I was immediately put at ease and felt safe in his hands. The studio is always spotless and is a really wonderful space in which to work out no matter what the weather.


Ms  H ( 58 ) Keyworth.

Power plate is a great way to get fit, after years of virtually no exercise and feeling much older than 58 with my painful arthritic feet, I discovered power plate. After 3 months of training 2 to 3 times a week, I feel and look 10 years younger and have dropped a dress size. I am so pleased with the results I have decided to keep power plate at Snail and Rabbit as part of my regular exercise routine.